We want to be as helpful as possible so we have these color charts to help you make an informed decision for your concrete project.

Concrete by Design can transform any ugly and dreary concrete interior or exterior floor into a beautiful seamless masterpiece with our high performance epoxy system that will outlast and outshine the competition.Our moisture barrier epoxies will give you floor a long and durable finish for years to come. Finishing your garage or basement with an epoxy chip flooring will dramatically improve your concrete and give you a clean environment for vehicles or hosting events.We have plenty of satisfied customers all over Atlanta that love the virtually maintenance free epoxy floor coating. Great for garages, basements, patios, walkways and commercial businesses.

Concrete stain and dye floors are beautiful, elegant and warm.

Stained concrete is very popular and create a unique finish for your home or business. We used the existing concrete surface to create a durable flooring that will last for years.We offer different colors and application techniques to create a finish that is custom for each project.Stains are great for large commercial areas and interior or exterior concrete as well, we can make any concrete surface come back to life with our concrete stains and dyes.

Solid epoxy flooring are a cost effective and durable floor coatings that can be used for large commercial applications,garage flooring,kitchen flooring and anywhere a tough flooring is needed.This system is the most versatile floor coating on the market today and will transform any interior concrete into a beautiful seamless flooring.

Concrete by Design Metallic Epoxy floor coatings are the hottest solution for basements, showrooms, offices and restaurants. If you are looking to turn heads and get noticed this is the system for your. Our Metallic floors will give you the look of a lava lamp or custom marble finish, that is unlike any other flooring on the market. Concrete by Design offers many colors and sheens to create a one-of-a-kind floor.

Our spray texture and resurfacing applications offer a wide array of concrete finishing options. These coatings are applied using air-powered machines,but they can also be placed as a splatter coat to create texture and a non-slip surface. Commonly referred to as a “knock-down” or “kool-deck”, our thin system are great for use around pool decks,driveways and commercial entrance ways. This system will also reflective sun heat and create a cool surface in the hottest conditions, which are perfect for pools and patios.