New Commercial Concrete Projects

Commercial buyers have a special need when it comes to choosing a concrete supplier. We at Concrete By Design understand the need to respect the client’s budget and time as well. Drivers are on time and courteous to your crew. We service parking garages, parking lots, warehouses, and even retail spaces and can supply specific mixtures necessary for your commercial project. Our trucks can provide transit mixed concrete, shrink mixed, or central mixed concrete. Whatever the need is, we are here to serve you!

Parking Garages

A special ready mix is required for parking garages. It must be able to support the weight of hundreds of parked cars, the moving force of various sized vehicles, even some on an incline, and maintain without buckling. This special mix needs to have a lightweight property to maintain its lift and the strength needed to support such heavy loads. Another key factor is supportive rebar, which gives additional aid in the maintenance of the concrete. Industrial-grade concrete is also essential.

Parking Lots 

To make a good impression on your customers and maintain safety, it is important to have a smooth surface in your parking lot without cracks or potholes. Commercial parking lots receive an elevated level of traffic from light weight vehicles, so less concrete is required than it would be for a parking lot that has heavy traffic from larger vehicles. If you want to make the most cost-effective decision, we can assess what you need and recommend what is best for your needs.


A warehouse floor is a place that should be free of safety hazards and support a large amount of heavy material. Any cracks, dents or bumps can cause a tripping hazard, as well as hindering equipment necessary to perform job functions, such as forklifts and dollies. Concrete By Design can fit the needs you have with your warehouse, with quality product and professional work.

Retail Space

If you have a retail space, you most definitely want a durable and attractive looking floor space. Concrete By Design has the ability and the know how to deliver the right kind of concrete for your flooring needs. Before you dismiss the idea, consider the multiple finishes and color options available. Imagine your space with a fashionable brick or even cobblestone appearance. Smooth finishes and easy to clean concrete flooring will give your retail space a visual appeal and a cost-effective, lasting floor that will withstand use.

Concrete Parking Lot RepairsWe do Concrete Repairs TOO!!!

A Concrete Construction Company That Listens

Concrete By Design can work with you for whatever you need, clearing the land, soil preparation, and leave you with a durable concrete structure and a clean site as well. You can rest assured knowing our crew will work diligently to ensure quality, affordable concrete delivery for all your commercial needs. You can trust us to get the job done right, from land prep, to pouring the concrete all the way to cleaning the job site afterward. So, for all your commercial concrete needs, look no further than Concrete By Design!

Driveway Resurfacing Project

Concrete By Design works to solve issues with concrete for both the residential and commercial market.  Several years ago, we received a call from a homeowner in Peachtree City, Georgia regarding her driveway.  She explained her situation as such:  her driveway was previously painted by an artist and looked beautiful initially but it was aging […]

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Entryway Project

In 2013 Concrete By Design was approached to aid in the process of beautifying the entryways of the Atlanta Airport.  Because the airport sees an average of 260,000 people per day, the amount of foot traffic at each entrance is significant and the wear and tear on the concrete is a direct result.  The concrete […]

A Reading Garden For Wesleyan School

In late 2013, Concrete by Design had the opportunity to bid on a project for New South Construction of Atlanta, GA overseeing new construction for the Wesleyan School, a private Christian K-12 school located in Norcross, Georgia.  New South focuses on bringing together clients, such as Delta, Coca-Cola, several Universities and many other varied companies […]