Decorative Staining For Commercial Flooring and Landscaping Concrete

We specialize in decorative coatings on concrete surfaces in the Atlanta GA area.

Commercial concrete staining is an excellent option and one of the most popular choices for a new or existing business.  It is an efficient way to bring a drab slab of concrete to life using color that will interact with the existing surface to create a unique floor.  The advantages to concrete stained flooring for your business are endless. 

Stained floors are a cost effective investment that offer features such as; slip resistance, safety, low maintenance and they’re aesthetically pleasing.  Businesses that would benefit from stained concrete floors range from automotive repair shops to hair salons.  Once the concrete stained surface is sealed, it becomes resistant to chemicals and stains and its durability is unmatched.  The lack of grout lines or glues that you might encounter with tile, carpet, or other traditional flooring options becomes a mute point when considering concrete stain for your commercial space. 

Pictures Of Stained Concrete

The low maintenance requirement is an added bonus for business owners as you don’t have to be concerned with spending large amounts of money every few years to keep it up.  A simple cleaning solution can maintain your beautiful floors for years to come. As businesses move into the 21st century and cost demands rise in other areas, it makes sense to have your infrastructure taken care of so it doesn’t become an additional burden. The staining process is relatively quick and depending on the existing surface, your downtime may be very minimal. 

The process involves first (if applicable), removing the existing surface and grinding the concrete, using a diamond blade machine down to a smooth surface that is ready to accept our industrial grade product.  The next step involves the actual application of the stain. 

There are many stain products to choose from depending on your desired outcome.  Traditional acid stains provide a more variegated look, there are dyes, which provide more consistent looks, and lastly, there are water based stains that will result in colors that are lighter in tint or pastel looking. 

Once the stain is applied and is approved, a clear sealer is applied to the surface to enhance the stains color and create that hardness and durability that will allow you to enjoy the floors for years to come.  The sealers are available in three sheens; satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Lastly, if it is desired, a custom business logo, graphics, or safety lines can be applied to give your business what it specifically needs.  Proper research and preparation is necessary when taking on a flooring project for a commercial space. 

Concrete By Design has been operational in the Atlanta area since 2006 and has provided services to businesses such as: Hartsfield International Airport, The Atlanta Zoo, PepsiCo, etc.  If you are hesitant about concrete stain or another decorative concrete option, we welcome your questions and are ready to explain, in detail, the processes and advantages to going with a decorative concrete solution.  We would be happy to earn your business and provide a lasting flooring solution.  We are available to come look at your location and offer the best solutions for what your business needs.

Decorative concrete staining, 09 61 19 for commercial and industrial floors is a decorative way to increase appearance and add character to basic gray concrete floors. Decorative colored stain floor penetrates the top layer of the concrete allowing for a vibrant and robust color to shine through.


  • Brings New Life to Old Concrete Floors
  • Creates a Variegated, Mottled Finish
  • Unlimited Palette of Design Options
  • Affordable Alternative to Tile, Carpet or VCT

Decorative Concrete Staining Contractor | Residential & Commercial Concrete Services

We specialize in decorative coatings on concrete services in the Atlanta GA area.

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