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We specialize in decorative coatings on concrete services in the Atlanta GA area.

We offer various concrete grinding services throughout the Southside of Atlanta Georgia.

Concrete grinding can be used for the follow:

At Concrete by Design we use a dustless grinding system to collect and ensure that harmful dust and debris is collected and disposed of properly.

Grinding concrete on the industrial floor is a preparation method for removing previous floor coatings, evens concrete, and smooths rough surfaces. It uses the most aggressive style of diamond cutting tooling to remove thin floor coatings like epoxy, paint, and adhesives.

Industrial concrete floor preparation by grinding, Concrete by Design, will provide a smoother concrete flooring surface so a new coating applied to the floor will be smooth and uniform in appearance. Grinding is the preferred method of concrete surface preparation for industrial and commercial concrete protective floor coatings. Grinding concrete can be used with shot blasting, shaving, and scarification. These methods are mostly used to remove heavier and thicker floor coatings; concrete grinding will be the final method to create a finer finish on the concrete floor.

Contact Concrete by Design, your polymer contractor specialist, to evaluate your existing floor coating.

Diamond Grinding Service To Refinish Concrete Floors

Get A Smooth Shining Finish

Driveway Resurfacing Project

Concrete By Design works to solve issues with concrete for both the residential and commercial market.  Several years ago, we received a call from a homeowner in Peachtree City, Georgia regarding her driveway.  She explained her situation as such:  her driveway was previously painted by an artist and looked beautiful initially but it was aging […]

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Entryway Project

In 2013 Concrete By Design was approached to aid in the process of beautifying the entryways of the Atlanta Airport.  Because the airport sees an average of 260,000 people per day, the amount of foot traffic at each entrance is significant and the wear and tear on the concrete is a direct result.  The concrete […]

A Reading Garden For Wesleyan School

In late 2013, Concrete by Design had the opportunity to bid on a project for New South Construction of Atlanta, GA overseeing new construction for the Wesleyan School, a private Christian K-12 school located in Norcross, Georgia.  New South focuses on bringing together clients, such as Delta, Coca-Cola, several Universities and many other varied companies […]