Here, you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see your answer on the list? Give us a call; we can’t wait to hear from you, ensuring you have all the information you need to make a smart, informed decision about your new project.

Q.  Are you insured?

A.  Of course! We carry both general and auto insurance policies.

Q.  How long will the process take?

A.  Each project timeline is unique - depending on existing surface, application desired, project size, company availability, and for exterior projects, weather plays a factor. Frequently though, our projects are completed within one week.

Q.  Will my cement surface crack?

A.  Due to the nature of concrete, it’s almost impossible to prevent some cracking during the surface’s lifetime. However, with our expertise, we’re able to minimize cracking, repair worn surfaces, and insure a well-placed application.

Q.  What do you charge for an estimate?

A.  Local estimates are complimentary. We do charge for long-distance travel.

Q.  What colors are available?

A.  There are a variety of options available for each application. Color charts are available to view on the Color Chart Page. »

Q.  What is the most important factor in concrete resurfacing and staining?

A.  A properly prepared concrete substrate is the most important factor in concrete resurfacing. Here is a brief overview of the required steps:

  • Cleaning the concrete: methods vary, from concrete grinding to pressure washing and acid etching.
  • Filling cracks and damaged areas with concrete repair products

Q.  Is decorative concrete maintenance free?

A.  While manufacturers frequently claim otherwise, there’s no flooring that’s truly maintenance free. When comparing concrete applications to other flooring options, the maintenance is relatively easy. Of course, the level of maintenance depends largely on the type and frequency of traffic the flooring will experience. For example, residential applications take much less attention than high-traffic commercial spaces.

Q.  How Long Does Concrete Flooring Last?

A.  Concrete floors rarely – if ever – need replacement, especially if properly installed and maintained. The life-span of concrete floors is longer than almost any other flooring option – keeping your life hassle-free!

Q.  Are Decorative Concrete Floors Expensive?

A.  Initially, the cost of decorative concrete is higher than the cost of a low to mid-priced floor covering. Carpet, vinyl, and wood laminates run cheaper on the front end, but won’t give you the same return on your investment. Bob Harris, an industry expert, points out that “when you amortize the cost of a concrete floor over a lifetime, the price can be comparable or even lover than other high-end flooring materials.” If you are considering a higher end option like slate, marble, or ceramic tile, decorative concrete is a suitable alternative. In addition, a skilled concrete artisan can duplicate the look of other high end flooring.