Commercial Moisture Mitigation For Floor Coverings

What exactly is moisture mitigation?  Moisture mitigation is limiting the amount of water vapor that moves through the concrete surface.  Water movement is not, by any means, limited to a downward movement.  The vapors that are created in the evaporation process move in an upward direction causing moisture to reach into the foundations of businesses and homes.  In order to mitigate the amount of vapor that seeps into the concrete, intricate systems are required to minimize or eliminate this problem altogether. 

There are most certainly acceptable amounts of water vapor that will not cause the level of problems that are often faced, but many a time, these amounts are exceeded.  Moisture in concrete is the leading and single largest cause of concrete resurfacing and floor covering failures.  It breaks the bonds between the concrete and the products or systems that are applied.  These failures become a costly and serious problem for commercial business owners, architects, manufacturers, installers, and the likes. 

Construction projects are ALWAYS moving at a fast pace; the saying “time is money” is very real in the construction world.  Because of this, concrete slabs are usually not given proper time to dry and cure properly.  If given proper time to cure, the excess water that is in the concrete will have time to evaporate before a system is applied.  If proper time is not given, then the foundations and concrete slabs are left with  RH(relative humidity) levels that are too high for the floor to maintain strength and integrity. 

Moisture Migration In Buildings

Problems From Moisture in Buildings

The common use of curing, sealing, or bond-breaking materials for concrete flooring inhibits the movement of water moisture and results in blistering, bubbling, and curling so that the adhesive bonds fail.

In addition to failing flooring systems, the problem of mold and mildew also exists because of high humidity due to water vapor movement into a space.

Mold and mildew are problems for ANY business or homeowner for obvious reasons.
Concrete By Design’s team members are educated in moisture mitigation and the products that are necessary to prevent long term and costly issues. There are a multitude of manufacturers and products that address these very issues of water vapor, mold and mildew.

The first step in this process is always to test the amount of moisture that is being emitted from the surface. From that point, we are able to determine the product, whether it be a vapor retarder, an applied barrier, adhesives, or a combination of these. The best thing you can do for your business is to call an expert to address these problems. Concrete By Design is available and willing to help you find the best solution for moisture mitigation in your commercial space.

Call us today and we will send out one of our team to talk about options, installation, and any downtime you might incur. In addition to your moisture solutions, we offer other industrial and decorative concrete coverings.

Moisture control In Buildings | Georgia Polymer Flooring GA

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