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Concrete Services

Stained Concrete Floors

What is stained concrete?

Concrete staining consists of properly preparing concrete floors to expose the natural beauty of the surface, enhancing the natural characteristics with vibrant colors, subtle hues, or natural grey tones. You may have seen stained concrete floors in various homes or businesses like; big box retail, restaurants, salons, apartment complexes, or even boutiques.

What are the advantages of stained concrete?

Stained concrete is very easy to clean, it is hypoallergenic, it can be used in interior or exterior areas, there are also a wide variety of colors and sealer options available.

What is the affordability compared to other options?

Stained concrete is very affordable compared to high end carpets, VCT, tile, vinyl and hardwood.

Concrete by Design, LLC has been providing concrete staining services to residential and commercial clients all over the Atlanta area for many years. From staining concrete in Newnan, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and other areas outside the perimeter of Atlanta to interior concrete floors for residences and business within the perimeter, we strive to offer the entire metro area and surrounding cities our quality work.

We have a deep passion for delivering high-quality flooring projects to each and every client we come in contact with. We pride ourselves in our clients enjoying the option they chose for their home or business.

When you contract us to do your interior or exterior stained concrete floors, you can always rely on our expertise to create your beautiful concrete floors. We have specialized in concrete staining and coatings for over twelve years. If you want beautiful concrete floors that will last a lifetime and have very low maintenance, contact us today to learn more about our concrete staining methods or any of our concrete resurfacing options.

Concrete floors are aggressively becoming one of the most sought-after interior floors, from contractors to homeowners, these systems have provided sturdy, easily cleanable, and aesthetically pleasing options for interior and exterior surfaces. All these floors may seem easy to apply by DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowners, however, it takes a trained professional with the skills and the experience to make sure the stained concrete floors will last the test of time.

In addition to the skill and the knowledge of stained concrete, it also takes proper concrete surface preparation equipment along with dustless vacuum systems to control airborne dust. This equipment is critical to have a safe working environment as the concrete dust particulates are extremely dangerous for the lungs. Our technicians will protect your walls and baseboards during the concrete staining process. Our main goal is to protect your health and your property while delivering you a seamless concrete flooring application.

Concrete by Design use a specialty concrete grinding machine to properly prepare and clean concrete before stain is applied. From grinding the surface, to crack repair, every little detail needs to be addressed before considering what type of stain to use on the concrete surface.

There are a variety of different types of concrete stains available for interior and exterior concrete coloring. CBD specializes in using acid stain along with concrete dye to achieve a high quality concrete stained floor. When it comes to protecting your floor with the final coat of sealer, your options are either matte, satin, or a high gloss protective clear coat. Rest assured that your concrete floors will be unique and very durable. We can also provide you with popular color recommendations and design options for your concrete stained floor.

Resinous Epoxy Flooring

What is resinous epoxy flooring?

Epoxy floorings are a thick coating which can be colored or clear that are usually applied with a squeegee or trowel. These coatings are used in some of the most harsh conditions, whether it be commercial or residential. They are a beautiful option for homeowners and business owners alike. You may have seen epoxy floors in various businesses or upscale homes. The options available when it comes to epoxy are: pigmented vinyl flake flooring, quartz broadcast, and metallic epoxies all of which can be seen in the gallery photos.

What are the advantages of epoxy floors?

Epoxy can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. These floors can withstand forklift traffic, vehicle, and heavy foot traffic. The coatings are also very impact and abrasion resistant and are used to restore, renew, and repair the look of damaged concrete.

What is the affordability of epoxy floors?

Epoxy floors range widely in pricing. They are not always the cheapest option to begin with, but their durability lends to long term affordability. They are a finer product in the concrete world and the look they offer lends itself to that.

Concrete by Design offers applications of epoxy floor coatings both for residential and commercial existing concrete surfaces. Epoxy coatings can be installed over most clean, properly prepared concrete slabs. The surface will then become more resistant to water, chemicals, oil, grease, acids, and solvents. Epoxy floor systems can be used on a home’s interior or exterior concrete surface and they can also be applied vertically on walls. The key component in most epoxy floor coatings is a vapor moisture barrier which reduces the overall moisture that travels through your concrete. This moisture barrier is applied to enhance the performance of the epoxy and to eliminate peeling, flaking, or delamination of the epoxy.

Our professional epoxy systems are unlike those purchased at big box stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Epoxy floors have been around for a very long time and for very good reason, they are a long lasting and durable option. From garage floors, airplane hangars, kitchen floors, home flooring, or Industrial secondary containment areas, epoxy floors are going to be the best option for a lifelong flooring system.

For the contractor or homeowner that is looking for a more decorative epoxy finish we offer the metallic epoxy finishes from Elite Crete systems. These new epoxy systems allow the decorative concrete contractor to create a look that is unlike any other. These products give us the ability to replicate copper bronze, nickel, or marble finishes. Our metallic epoxy floors are especially popular in retail, office, and restaurant environments where a modern, New Age, upscale look is desired.

Metallic epoxies are often used by Designers and Architects to create a one-of-a-kind custom concrete floor. There are many different colors and textures to choose from, giving you endless options when exploring your concrete flooring project.

Overlays and Resurfacing

What are overlays?

Overlays are a decorative concrete resurfacing product that range from 1/16 of an inch up to 5 inches of concrete or cementitious material applied over your existing concrete, wood, tile, or vinyl flooring surface. Overlays are used to cover blemishes, defects, or imperfections, to level a surface, or to cover an imprinted or stamped pattern. They can alternately be used to create an imprinted or stamped pattern.

What are the advantages of overlays?

Overlays can be used most anywhere that a client wants to cover or camouflage an existing ugly concrete surface. Overlays will typically cover cracks and holes and create a restored look to the concrete. Clients often choose this method because of the overlays slip resistance, the ability to color the surface, and the cost advantage to completely ripping out and re-pouring a new slab. This system can be used in areas where tearing out concrete is not an option.

What is the affordability of an overlay?

Because overlays are most often used to repair and restore the look of existing damaged concrete, the affordability is a true advantage as compared to replacing the existing concrete. Additionally, the amount of equipment used is minimal compared to replacing the concrete.

Concrete overlays can be used over existing concrete that has a good structural condition, but may have surface defects like cracks, pits, holes, spalls, or peeling. Concrete overlays or topping can be applied over many types of surfaces to hide imperfections, it has the potential to turn an old concrete slab into a work of art.

Our resurfacing process gives us the ability to bring new life to your concrete without the hassle and inconvenience of tearing out the concrete. Our polymer modified concrete resurfacing products give the overlay high strength and durability like traditional concrete with the addition of textures,designs, and color options.

All concrete in Atlanta, Georgia should have some type of protective coating or concrete overlay because it will give the concrete a long life and a personal touch of decor.

With the ongoing development of the Atlanta metro area, many contractors are now offering the option of concrete overlays and toppings for the homeowners as opposed to traditional carpet and hardwood options.

Our products are used at many car dealerships and retail chain stores in Atlanta to provide non-slip surfaces to reduce slip and fall claims and to protect these businesses customers. Additionally, pool decks are typically covered with concrete overlays for two reasons: first, because of the cooling effects they have in direct sunlight and secondly, because they provide grip for slippery surfaces.

Concrete by Design welcomes all concrete projects from homeowners, home-builders, and large commercials contractors. We will gladly bid any concrete overlay or topping project. Our experienced crews are trained with many products including, but not limited to, Mapei, Rapid-Set, and Ardex overlay and underlayment systems.

We can remove old flooring and also prepare the concrete to manufacturers specifications prior to installation of concrete overlay products. From large scale commercial buildings in Atlanta to residential applications, Concrete by Design.L.L.C. has you covered.

Overlays can be a little confusing with all the different terminology so here is a little simple breakdown of different overlay systems.

Micro-toppings or skim-coats can be applied very thin over existing concrete to give a new canvas prior to sealing or staining the surface. This process is applied by hand to create unique patterns and visual textures making each application one of a kind.

Self-leveling Overlays and Underlayment are mainly used to level out a concrete surface, ,but can also accent many types of concrete stains and dyes. Self-Leveling overlays create a super flat and very smooth surface. Underlayments are placed on rough concrete surfaces to level and give added support before the installation of carpet or tile surfaces. If your concrete is not level use this product to get a flat floor without any concrete removal.

Spray-down toppings can be applied to concrete anywhere that it is in good sound condition. This is mainly used around pool decks, patios, driveways, and large restoration areas. Special texturing tools spray the concrete resurfacing materials onto the existing concrete to provide a sandpaper light finish to create traction and slip resistance. This application is also ideal for water parks and commercial entryways or sidewalks. Our Kool-deck texture spray system can be viewed at Hartsfield Atlanta Airport entrances and many other residential and commercial projects.

Concrete Surface Preparation

At Concrete By Design, we understand that sometimes, it is our equipment and understanding of how to use it that is what is needed. For this reason, we can come into a location and provide just the surface preparation services. There are a variety of these services we offer, including: shot-blasting, concrete grinding, VCT or tile removal, pressure washing, and acid-etching.

Surface preparation is key in any application that is going to adhere, long-term, to concrete. It is essentially profiling the concrete to create a rough surface that the products can be safely placed on. Without proper surface preparation, a system is bound to fail. Poor surface also leads to a great number of failing application.


  • Aviation & Transportation
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Fire and Public Safety
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Animal & Veterinary
  • Correctional

Residential and Commercial Applications:

  • Garage & Flooring Coatings:
  • Chip Floor
  • Urethane Floor
  • Garage Floor Painting
  • Dustproof Sealing
  • Forklift Flooring
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Reflector Enhancer Floor
  • Self-Level Epoxy
  • Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Concrete Repairs:

  • Crack Repair
  • Resurfacing
  • High Spot Removal
  • Non-Slip Texture
  • Self-Leveling Overlays and Underlayment

Concrete Surface Preparation:

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Concrete Etching
  • Concrete Profiling

New Concrete Applications:

  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Decorative Concrete

Maintenance Applications:

  • Concrete Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Kitchen Floor Cleaning
  • Stone Sealing
  • Tile Sealing
  • Flooring Consults

Concrete Floor Staining:

  • Concrete dyes
  • Water-Based Stains
  • Acid Stains
  • Stained Concrete Interior & Exterior

Concrete Overlays:

  • Skim Coat
  • Micro Topping
  • Trowel Down Exterior and Interior

Concrete Overlay Applications:

  • Pool Deck
  • Patios
  • Garage Flooring
  • Interior Flooring
  • Retail Floors
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

For the Contractors


  • 03365 Stamped Concrete Finishes
  • 03500 Cementitious Decks & Underlayment
  • 03540 Cementitious Flooring Underlayment
  • 03920 Concrete Patching and Resurfacing
  • 03925 Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
  • 03950 Concrete Stains
  • 09615 Vapor Control for Flooring
  • 09623 Decorative Concrete Toppings
  • 09660 Static Control Flooring
  • 09670 Fluid Applied Flooring
  • 09704 Resinous Flooring
  • 09715 Epoxy Resin Flooring
  • 09720 Epoxy and Synthetic Flooring
  • 09725 Seamless Quartz Flooring
  • 09913 Epoxy Floors
  • 09915 Specialty Flooring Subcontractors

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