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Things To Consider When Planning A New Concrete Project

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When planning a residential project, it is important to keep a few key things in mind. For building a home or just pouring a new patio, these two key factors will especially be beneficial: keep in mind the weight of the delivery vehicle and plan appropriately for space. You may ask yourself why these are things to consider. The answer is simple: proper planning will ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

A front-discharge ready mix truck weighs approximately 70,000 pounds, with a base weight of around 32,000 pounds. The size of these trucks is important to consider so you can be prepared to ensure safety and decrease the risk of property damage. Be sure the delivery trucks will have enough space to come and deliver the concrete for your project. Some may assume that trucks and materials can be delivered with no issue, but this is not the case.

Ensuring the truck will have room and a safe space to deliver is also a very important factor. If the area is difficult to access, or it is restricted, there may be a need for additional help to bring the concrete from where the truck is placed. Small jobs may be able to use a wheel barrow, but motorized buggies will be necessary for a medium sized job. For larger jobs, however, a concrete pump is useful if the concrete cannot be transported easily. Concrete pumps are also essential for larger volume needs.

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For homeowners, there are things you need to know to choose the right concrete for your project. Concrete is composed of water, cement, coarse aggregate (such as stone or gravel), and fine aggregate (such as sand). At times, recycled material, often called slag, can be substituted and will cause various effects on the hardened properties. In addition, admixtures may be used as a supplement to reduce cure time, increase strength, or change properties. There are various proportions of the main ingredients, and these create the wide range of types of concrete.

Water to cement ratio is made up of the weight of water to the weight of cement used in the mixture. This is important and can negatively affect your quality if it is substandard. Water to cement ratios can range from 0.4 to 0.6, and lower water-cement ratios are typically used for a greater strength of the concrete. Weather also plays a role in the process. Interior concrete will not typically be exposed to natural environmental changes, so it has less tendency to split or crack. The difference is the finish of the concrete. If you finish exterior concrete too early, in other words before the water can rise to the top, you could trap the water and inadvertently set the stage for more surface problems.

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A final factor to consider is choosing a contractor that is right for you. You should educate yourself and do research and learn about the business. If you were to research and seek information on Concrete By Design, you would find that we are professional, affordable, and consistent in the quality of our projects. You can ask for recommendations, verify the time we have been in business, and any other questions you may have. Consider us for your next project, call today!

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We specialize in decorative coatings on concrete services in the Atlanta GA area.