Concrete Removal For Leveling

Leveling Interior and Exterior Concrete Slab Flooring

Concrete by Design can level both interior and exterior existing concrete surfaces to create flat and seamless flooring which can be installed prior to placement of other floor coverings. Whether you have a residential concrete surface, office space, or basement improvement; sagging and unlevel floors can be corrected using cementitious and self-leveling underlayments. Self-leveling concrete makes the surface smooth and flat, while also leveling the concrete surface over uneven and sloped floors.

Our material can be placed from a featheredge to 4 inches in one application. Once the existing concrete surface is prepared, using mechanical grinding and shot-blasting methods, the concrete overlayment is ready to be installed. Self-leveling flooring products are the solution to cure any floor leveling problems for micro or thin resurfacing toppings to deep thick fill build which requires a hard, fast setting non-shrinking cementitious product. Self-drying cementitious underlayment is made of chemical plasticizers, polymer additives, and set modifier to produce a fluid liquid which is designed to be installed at 1/8” up to 1” thickness. Pea gravel can be used to extend the thickness of the material for deeper concrete surfaces. This surface can be used for foot traffic if sealed properly and it will have high strengths of 4,000 – 10,000 psi depending on the product need for your project.

Some other concrete leveling and resurfacing products we offer are cementitious skim coat and patching. Concrete skim coats have little to no aggregates in the product which helps level over wood, tile, masonry and as an embossing leveler over vinyl flooring products. Each floor leveling project is different and comes with unique challenges; our team can evaluate what applications are best suited for each project based on the best methods for the installation.