Swimming Pool Resurfacing Coatings Stamped & Stained

We specialize in decorative concrete coatings that look familiar to travertine and flagstone applications in the Atlanta GA area.

Flagstone Resurfacing Coating Overlay


Concrete by Design has offered concrete interior and exterior resurfacing service for more than 12 years in the Atlanta area. We have become the preferred concrete overlay contractor for deck resurfacing, garage surfaces, stairways, walkways, ramps, and pool area repairs in both industrial and commercial business environments.

Our products will enhance the interior and exterior look of your property, while also increasing the overall market value and improving the concrete safety factor. When it comes to your concrete resurfacing project, your choices are limited only by your own imagination. We offer many color selections and designs to customize an application for interior and exterior concrete resurfacing needs.

Pool Deck Coatings Decorative Concrete Overlay


Concrete overlay resurfacing is the application of a cement and polymer overlay on top of your existing concrete surface. It is used to cover and repair concrete damage and camouflages concrete flaws and imperfections. This concrete deck resurfacing system gives the surface a fresh new look and protects the concrete underneath. In the past, when concrete was damaged and needed repair, the only option was to jackhammer and replace with new concrete. Our top quality concrete resurfacing options can give you a safe and beautiful concrete surface, with increased durability, at a more reasonable cost.

Concrete resurfacing products contain many polymer modifiers and concrete resins that reinforce it’s adherence to the existing concrete surface.

Pool decks can also benefit from a concrete overlay. One reason is the cooling effects these surfaces have in sunlight. Reason number two is, they are slip resistant surfaces, keeping you and your loved ones safe. We welcome any concrete project, from homeowners and builders to commercial contractors. We’ll happily bid any overlay project. Our crews are well trained with industry knowledge to get the job done right, offering such products as Mapei, Rapid-Set, and Ardex systems.

The Benefits

  • Concrete resurfacing is much more economical than ripping up and replacing old concrete. You get the look of a brand new surface for up to three times less than the cost of installing one. And, all previous damage is hidden, which increases the value of your property.
  • Concrete resurfacing saves time. You cut out the time involved in jack-hammering or bulldozing the old concrete hauling it away, so you can resume regular business activities sooner.
  • Concrete resurfacing gives options for designs, colors and finishes that can update your property and increase its value. You can have the look of marble or granite without the expense, or customize with specific colors and graphics to reinforce your brand.
  • Concrete resurfacing is extremely durable. Your resurfaced area will be resistant to stains, tire marks, and will hide minor imperfections and finally, it will offer the potential to last much longer than the old surface.

The Process

Conditions: The best results are obtained when concrete resurfacing is planned for days with low humidity and no rain for at least eight hours after the application. Exterior concrete should not be applied in cold weather; air temperatures should be between 65 and 75 degrees. The surface temperature of the existing concrete must be at least 50 degrees and stay above 40 degrees for at least 24 hours.

Concrete Resurfacing and Coatings Procedures:

  1. Make any structural repairs necessary, and mitigate drainage issues that contribute to cracking.
  2. Clean the existing surface to remove all organic matter including dirt, mildew, or algae.
  3. Patch chipped and cracked areas, fill divots, then smooth over all patches and let them dry.
  4. Spread the concrete resurfacing mixture to its optimal thickness. It stays workable for only a specific amount of time, so the job will be planned in sections.
  5. Smooth it out, adding textures for decoration or non-slip finishes.
  6. Block traffic until it is fully set.

Repairing & Resurfacing Concrete Before Stamping & Staining